• Year of The Carnivore, The Experiment (184/111)

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    YEAR OF THE CARNIVORE (iTunes) – Cristin Milioti is fantastic in the role of Sammi Smalls. She’s the lead, but much of the story seems to happen around her. She has a great sense of comedy, with a very expressive face; she says plenty without saying anything. She reminds me a little bit of Alyson Hannigan with some of the expressions.

    Also; I think I need to take up shop-lifting. I’m confused about this shot-in-Vancouver film using the name NO FUN for the band, unless it was a coincidence or an homage of some sort. After the opening scene, I hoped that the NO FUN I know would make an appearance…

    No such luck, but Sook-Yin Lee did some singing, so I suppose it works out.

    It’s a good film, and I’d recommend it, though I do think the character of Eugene is too simplistic. He seems to exists in the film only to give Sammi’s existence meaning. I think it cheapens the growth her character goes through.

    THE EXPERIMENT (DVD) – This is much better than the last Adrien Brody film I saw (SPLICE). This is a film about what happens when you drop people in a situation that’s not their normal element. It’s like the sort of film I would imagine would result if a first year psychology student explained the Stanford Prison Experiment to their mother, who then quickly told someone she met at the market about it, and they went home and wrote the script. That’s not good or bad on its own, but the result is a bit watered down. Things eventually just end and there’s a bit of a non-sequitor with a location shot in India, that I can only imagine is the result of some funding consideration. Not bad for a straight-to-DVD release, though I could have stood to see a little less prologue, and maybe more of a message.

    Because the first film made me think of it; music from NO FUN


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