• This Is Not My Life, Persepolis (130/81)

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    THIS IS NOT MY LIFE – Okay, again, not technically a movie, but it’s worth mentioning. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a New Zealand TV show, and until someone proves me wrong, I choose to believe that they’re all this good. Now, you might not be able to find it online in any legal format if you’re outside of New Zealand, but it you happen to stumble across it in a torrent of searching… Think THE PRISONER with shades of STEPFORD WIVES and a good 1984 bit of thought crime. It’s a candy-coated dystopia.

    PERSEPOLIS (Netflix) – This animated film starts out as a charmingly naive story of Marjane, a Bruce Lee obsessed future prophet of Allah. She is living in Tehran in the 1970s, and Iran is undergoing serious transformation. Gradually, she loses her naiveté, and questions what’s happening around her. Marjane moves to Vienna to escape the religious oppression at home, only to find a different sort of oppression. It’s a good story, well told, and beautifully animated.


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