• The Heart Is A Drum Machine, Machine Girl, The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, Casino Royale (128/79)

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    THE HEART IS A DRUM MACHINE (DVD) – This film starts (and ends) with Ann Druyan speaking about the Golden Record on Voyager, and why music was important to include on our message to the universe from this Pale Blue Dot. They continue by asking musicians to explain what music is, where it comes from, and what creativity is.

    On the DVD, there’s a bonus feature with the full 45 minute interview with John Frusciante. Considering that they use a minute or two of him in the film itself, I wonder just how much source material they were working with to edit this film together with over fifty people being credited;

    Jim Adkins, Mickey Avalon, Fairuza Balk, Steve Berlin, Ivar Bjornson, Wes Borland, Isaac Brock, George Clinton, Charlie Clouser, Wayne Coyne, Britt Daniel, Kimya Dawson, John Doe, Ann Druyan, Norwood Fisher, John Frusciante, Milford Graves, Sybil Hall, Page Hamilton, Nic Harcourt, Tim Heidecker, Bob Hiltermann, Gene Hoglan, John Iversen, Victoria Jackson, C.J. Jones, Maynard James Keenan, Emily Kokal, Eddie Kramer, Juliette Lewis, Little Freddie King, Kurt Loder, Bob Ludwig, Zia McCabe, Billy Morrison, Natalia Paruz, Alexandra Patsavas, Bijou Phillips, Silversun Pickups, Brian Reitzell, Jason Schwartzman, Matt Sorum, Becky Stark, G.E. Stinson, Phoenix Stone, Morton Subotnick, James Tamborello, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Jason Trachtenburg, Rachel Trachtenburg, Andrew VanWyngarden, Eric Wareheim, Janet Weiss, Heloise Williams, Elijah Wood, Benjamin Wright, Charlyne Yi

    Tea-bagger “comedian” Victoria Jackson appears, thankfully only for a short time, and making about as much sense as ever. Despite this, the film is an interesting view into how a variety of artists view what they do. There’s a bit of new age mysticism in some of the interviews, but I suppose that’s understandable when you really don’t understand where IT comes from.

    MACHINE GIRL (Netflix) – I saw the trailer for this and had to assume it was a gag – that there’s no way even the Japanese would have make such a cartoon of a film. The amount just for stage blood must have been the largest line item on the film’s budget. It’s almost like a TROMA film, but with better acting and photography. You’ll never look at tempura the same way again.

    THE COURAGEOUS HEART OF IRENA SENDLER (Netflix) – Working in Warsaw, Irena Sendler smuggles kids from the ghetto to waiting Polish families. She has the help of the well funded Polish underground and Doctor Luka Kovac, she’s credited with saving 2500 Jewish children. This is a made for TV film as part of the “Hallmark Hall of Fame” series of inspirational stories (After School Specials for adults?). It was lacking in any real depth. Kind of disappointing.

    CASINO ROYALE (DVD) – Daniel Craig makes a pretty decent Bond as far as I’m concerned. Not that I’m a bit fan of the series or could name more than a handful of the films in the series without consulting Wikipedia. The film is a bit silly on some points of reality, perhaps, but no more so than any thriller. The ending of this story does make for a great fall and redemption of both leads, but like most Bond films, takes its sweet time getting there…

    Seriously, though, when is Hollywood going to learn what a defibrillator is for?


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