• Blood Into Wine, Journey To The Edge Of The World (120/75)

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    BILLY CONNOLLY JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (Netflix) – Technically this is a TV series for ITV in the UK, but watched end-to-end, it’s a 3 hour travel documentary with an Entertainer that decides that he needs to travel across Canada, but wants to stay as far as possible from Winnipeg at all times. Starting in Halifax, visiting New Brunswick and Newfoundland, and then up to the Arctic Circle and the Northwest Passage, before heading down through the Yukon and BC. It’s not like any Lonely Planet or the other Traveling Comedian style travel docs I’ve seen. I do wish there was more of it, with maybe a bit more time spent in the far north.

    BLOOD INTO WINE (Netflix) – Maynard James Keenan. Angsty vocalist moves to Northern Arizona to grow grapes. ROCK AND ROLL! It’s documentary-ish… with some screen-filler improv and lame skits to keep the Perfect Circle fans amused, around the story of how this singer came to open a winery. A bit too much bullshit hippie crap with Earth Mother and Shaman guy. I kind of wish it was more about the winery and Maynard’s choices without the filler. Filler like the douchebag from REVOLVER magazine and the “Official” Arizona historian. Interesting


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