• Megamind, Red, Iron Man 2, Uncle Boonmee, Conviction, Waiting For Superman (105/66)

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    Marathon flight means marathon movies. 6 of them.

    MEGAMIND – Ah hell. The Air Canada web site lied to me. Same movie line up as last week. No True Grit, no Illusionist… Oh well, I hadn’t seen Megamind yet. I really enjoyed this. Nice to see a Dreamworks film that isn’t completely spelled out in a predictable fashion from the start.

    You’re a villain but not a super villain.
    What’s the difference?

    RED – heard a rumbling about how bad this was supposed to be, but gave it a shot. It’s okay. I did appreciate the effects – Willis stepping out of the spinning car with gun in hand, etc was fantastically well executed, and even believable enough in context. Sure it feels a bit like another Die Hard film, but I think Willis has been basically playing that same character more or less for the last decade. Helen Mirren as wet works expert is great.

    IRON MAN 2 – who needs to watch the first part of a superhero movie? I have the basics – rich guy with issues fights bad people. The end. Until the sequel. Then rich guy fights new bad people. I wasn’t expecting miracles, thankfully, as none were offered. The film is nearly as selfish a production as Stark is portrayed.

    UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES – okay. I’ve seen it now. Best thing about that is that I don’t have to watch it ever again. Shouldn’t have watched it halfway through a 12 hour flight maybe, but I’m not sure a fresh pair of eyes would have helped much.

    CONVICTION – feels a bit like a made for tv film about a wrongly convicted man… Hilary Swank produced. Good but no real surprises in story or acting.

    WAITING FOR SUPERMAN – If you’ve ever wondered how a mother can be sent to jail for enrolling her child in a school in a region she’s not allowed to? This documentary might help explain that.

    Director made another film in 1999 – THE FIRST YEAR also about the public schools in the US.


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      “Presentation” That was great.

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