• Trafic (98/64)

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    I’m sure I’ll make up for taking nearly THREE WHOLE DAYS OFF from watching movies once we board the flight back to Canada. I’m on vacation, so a short break in movie watching is okay when I’m traipsing about Old City Jerusalem on in a taxi backing over camels, or stumbling into a barrel cactus. This is the kind of stuff that I’d normally watch movies to experience, so same basic net effect…

    That said, this evening’s a bit of a break from the official touristing, so I’ll watch one of the movies we brought with us on the laptop…

    TRAFIC (DVD) – Jacques Tati films make excellent travel films. There’s something reassuring about characters speaking different languages to each other in conversation, and being able to communicate just fine. I didn’t enable sub-titles enabled when this one was encoded for travel, but that doesn’t really matter, even though I don’t speak most of the languages used in the film. There’s a little bit each of French, English, Dutch, and German (at least), but the story is obvious and easy to follow visually.


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