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    The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (145/90)

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    THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE (Netflix) – This 1974 version is rough and dirty and a pretty solid film. It’s not a complicated story, there’s no magic plot devices, and everyone seems to be a pretty predictable character with the exception of half of the over-actors that play passengers on the hijacked front […]

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    Witness For The Prosecution (144/89)

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    WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION (Netflix) – A barrister recuperating after a heart attack and hospital stay, finds himself a nice stressful case predominantly so that he can sneak a cigar without his nurse’s knowledge. No easy calm maritime law or tax cases, all for want of a stoagie. I wanted to see what Marlene Dietrich […]

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    Easier With Practice (143/88)

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    EASIER WITH PRACTICE (iTunes) – This is a film about awkward people, phone sex, and how real people disappoint. Sort of. A man answers the phone in his motel room, and it’s a woman seeking phone sex. This turns into quite possibly his most serious relationship ever with another human, let alone with a woman. […]

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    Quantum Of Solace (142/87)

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    QUANTUM OF SOLACE (DVD) – I was pretty surprised when I put this Bond film on, and it’s less than 2 hours long. 106 minutes? That’s like the first act of some of the longer 007 films, and QUANTUM ends up feeling like it has more focus. Fewer distractions with sub-plot after sub-plot. Nice change […]

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    Silent Hill, The Shining (141/86)

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    SILENT HILL (Carlton) – I hadn’t seen this film yet, and I actually quite liked it. If I hadn’t played the video game one time, years ago, I don’t think that I’d have picked this as a video game movie. It’s not in the same realm as the horribly bad films that I’d normally associate […]

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    The Others, Psycho (135/84)

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    As a lead up to the North American premiere of the live action GHOST STORIES, Mirvish Productions has rented out one of the screens in the Carlton Cinema downstairs. They’ve rolled a casket into the lobby, and filled it with buttons and postcards for the show; a nice approach. Tonight had THE OTHERS and PSYCHO. […]

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    He Died With A Felafel In His Hand (131/82)

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    HE DIED WITH A FELAFEL IN HIS HAND (Netflix) – The Australian movie starts with a bunch of guys sitting around a table, posing an alternate meaning to the end of RESERVOIR DOGS; not one that I’ve heard before, but that isn’t unknown to The Internet, ir would seem. They discuss just what sort of […]

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    This Is Not My Life, Persepolis (130/81)

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    THIS IS NOT MY LIFE – Okay, again, not technically a movie, but it’s worth mentioning. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a New Zealand TV show, and until someone proves me wrong, I choose to believe that they’re all this good. Now, you might not be able to find it online in any […]

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