• Kill Me Later (85/53)

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    KILL ME LATER (Netflix) – This was a bad movie, unless you want to give an example of the sort of film many people think of when they hear the words “Canadian Film”. Sections edited like a music video with loops and effects. Then there’s the police chase where they throw in some video effects (solarizing?) for no reason I can think of.

    The story is horrible, the casting mediocre, and the filming and editing are questionable at best. Even the male lead with the authentic English accent comes off sounding like he’s faking even that. About the only mostly believable thing in this film is Selma Blair – you really get the feeling that she doesn’t want to be there, and since she’s playing suicidal, that works.

    Somehow, in the end, they’re in Mexico, but the rocks are all mossy and there are cedars along the coast. I’m no expert on things from Mexico, but I’m going to bet the Rocky Mountains aren’t visible from there.


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