• How Bad Is Israel as a Travel Destination?

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    Mom asked for an itinerary for the Israel trip, and asked if it was a safe time to visit the area. Thought I’d share my response in case anyone else has any concerns about our heading into a war zone. I’ve never been to the Middle East at all, so I’m nervous, but more about the fact that it’s a 10 hour flight; thankfully it’s direct from Toronto to Tel Aviv. Israel’s mostly okay as a destination so long as you’re not heading for Gaza on a boat.

    Interesting time to be there, but it’s basically like visiting Florida if there was a revolution in Brazil… it’s close, but a couple countries over on another continent.

    We’re in Jerusalem 28 Feb – 03 Mar and 03-07 in Tel Aviv.

    Libya’s capital is ~2000km away from where we’ll be in Israel. Iran’s is ~1500km away. I am glad I hadn’t bought a day trip to Cairo like I’d thought of though – they’re not quite stabilized yet.

    Israel is one of the few democracies in the area, and surprisingly safe. They have problems, but we’re not even going to be near the West Bank or anything. The closest we’ll be to Jordan is on the far side of the Dead Sea, and we’ll only be there for a couple hours.

    The biggest concern I really have is that most of the restaurants won’t serve meat AND dairy, so no cheeseburgers.


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