• Who is Harry Nilsson, Bug (84/52)

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    WHO IS HARRY NILSSON (AND WHY IS EVERYBODY TALKIN’ ABOUT HIM?) (Netflix) – So many songs I know, but no idea who sang them. ONE IS THE LONELIEST NUMBER, LIME IN THE COCONUT, much more… “You’re breaking my heart, you’re tearing it apart, so fuck you” – how have I never heard this song? If only the Internet had been around, Nilsson could have made a Cee Lo Green sized splash with that one years earlier.

    BUG (Netflix) – Things start off relatively slowly, but really fire up an hour in, Doctor shows up not long after Peter goes looking for the source of the bugs, and the big hotel room redesign. I didn’t realize that delusional parasitosis was contagious. This is what Mel Gibson’s CONSPIRACY THEORY aspired to – the difference that Mel Gibson the actor seems to be actually crazy, where Michael Shannon the actor PLAYS crazy.

    Fair warning; you don’t want to be watching BUG if you have any dental or blood issues. Problems with bugs? Yeah, you’ll be fine.

    “I got that tooth filled on the base, and they put a bug egg sac under it!”


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