• The Matrix Revolutions, The Eagle, Play Time (82/51)

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    THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS (DVD) – I think one of the big problems I had with the second and third films is how Neo and Trinity seem to be sociopaths; no emotion, no concern for anyone but themselves; inside or outside of the virtual world. They have no chemistry together at all. The sheer amount of collateral damage they cause in the Matrix is distrubing. Neo flying down the street, blasting windows out, destroying cars, and presumably people, by the handfuls. Die in The Matrix, die in Real Life… it’s almost like The Machines were better humans than this crew of assholes.

    Also, the Uncanny Valley is wide and deep and full of badly done CGI humans in the second and third films. Between The Agent Smiths and the humans in the mechanical robot guns defending Zion.

    THE EAGLE (Carlton) – Not a bad film, this is another in the Long Walk / Honour Quest genre with stop overs for action. It’s entertaining, but not really an award winner. Eminently forgettable.

    PLAYTIME (DVD) – This is the first Jacques Tati film I’ve seen. I missed the 70mm showing at TIFF Lightbox, which I imagine would gh. After seeing THE TIME THAT REMAINS, which was compared to a Tati film for it’s look and feel, and sense of the absurd, I decided to seek this (and a couple others) out on Criterion. Playtime would have been quite nice on the big screen in 70mm. There’s a lot going on in these scenes, with one character’s actions mirroring another’s in another part of the scene. Modern life is no match for the human spirit’s tendency to screw things up. The visual gags with doors are frequent, but my favorite is the restaurant door that M. Hulot helps destroy.


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