• The Road, Matrix, Matrix Reloaded (79/50)

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    THE ROAD (iTunes) – I bought this one during the big iTunes year-end / Christmas sale. Not seeing this as taking over from more traditional holiday films. A post-apocalyptic scrounge-and-walk film.

    THE MATRIX (DVD) – I haven’t watched this since the first abysmal DVD release with the compression issues. BluRay. All the difference. I may torture myself and watch MATRIX 2: REHASHED and MATRIX 3: REGURGITATIONS. I enjoyed the first film, but everything it had going for it was flushed away in the second and third film. Hugo Weaving is the real star of this film, as far as I’m concerned; NEO and TRINITY are props at best.

    Seriously; if this is The Matrix, and we’re all batteries being used by The Machines to power everything? For good or bad, leave me the hell alone, Neo. I don’t want to be scratching around for scraps in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world like THE ROAD or A BOY AND HIS DOG. Leave me to my goo pod.

    THE MATRIX RELOADED (DVD) – This is The Matrix but with more silly looking slap fights with Neo in his long coat. Poseur.

    Watching the first movie with those cool, small mobile phones (as I remembered them, anyhow) they carried in the Matrix to talk with the ship back in the Real World? They’re HUGE. I had to go look it up; 14.1 cm x 4.8 cm x 2.5 cm. Contrast that to an iPhone 4 at 11.5 cm x 5.86 cm x .93 cm. Over 2 and a half iPhones by volume. The Nokia was only 15gm heavier though.


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