• Black Narcissus, Fantastic Mr. Fox (74/47)

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    BLACK NARCISSUS (Netflix) – For the first day since January 1, 2011, I wasn’t able to go to a real theatre. The plan was to go see BLACK NARCISSUS at TIFF Lightbox, but I was a bit too ill to go in to the office today, and wasn’t doing much better by evening. I found that Netflix had this Technicolor film available to stream. This film is really more about the look, exploiting Technicolor than the story. The story is lacking any reason to exist, and the characters are mostly shallow and undeveloped, with the exception of Sister Superior who gets a bit of a backstory.

    FANTASTIC MR. FOX (Netflix) – “This is going to be a complete cluster cuss.” Amusing, if a bit dry, film. I’m not familiar with the Roald Dahl books they based this off, so have nothing to compare it to. Big fan of the dance numbers.

    A day not in a theatre… really feels like there’s something missing…


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