• The Way Back (70/44)

    by  • 2/13/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    THE WAY BACK (Carlton) – This is a movie about a long walk. Take LORD OF THE RINGS, minus the Eye of Sauron, minus the homeroticism and the dwarves, and this is pretty close. Actually, I prefer this group of characters to the Fellowship of the Ring. Besides, I cast Colin Farrell as Gollum, with his Precious a knife rather than a ring. Ed Harris is, of course, Gandalf but a shade less magical.

    Seriously, it’s a decent film about the price of freedom; even if it’s entirely fictional as The Internet suggests that it might be. I think it could have ended just a couple minutes earlier, with the welcome in the Indian tea fields, without completing the circle at all, let alone in such a hurried fashion.


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