• Social Network, Ladykillers, Me and You and Everyone We Know (61/36)

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    SOCIAL NETWORK (AMC) – While I’m happy to hear emacs and wget get mentioned in a movie, and have geek talk that sounds like actual talk by actual geeks… I didn’t find the movie as good as I expected based on the amazing reviews people have been giving it. It was good, it was funny, but I think it’s over-represented in the Oscar nominations other than maybe Jesse Eisenberg as Best Actor and maybe score.

    LADYKILLERS (1955) (iTunes) – Funny film – a bit ‘madcap’ though I suppose that’s to be expected for the period this was made in. Alec Guinness was fantastic in his role as the Professor.

    ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW (Netflix) – Weird, and a bit sad. These are likeable people on screen, thought I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable around most of them in the real world, though they all seem harmless enough in their oddities. Well, maybe with one or two possible exceptions. ))<>((


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