• No Impact Man, The King’s Speech, Young Victoria (53/30)

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    It’s the penultimate day in Movie Month. I’ll have watched over 50 films in total, and most of them were in real theatres with popcorn for sale in the lobbies. I’m planning the sequel, which starts Tuesday with the final film in the Canada’s Top Ten series at TIFF Lightbox; SPLICE.

    NO IMPACT MAN (iTunes) – I like that he came to the realization in the process of researching for his book that it doesn’t have to be about doing everything. Sometimes it’s enough to just be conscious of what you are doing. Eating seasonal foods isn’t about saving the planet, it’s about being mindful.

    THE KING’S SPEECH (AMC) – Brilliant film. Well told, well acted, well shot. It deserves every single award that it has been nominated for – all of them. Even if it’s mostly a complete fiction, it’s a great movie.

    YOUNG VICTORIA (iTunes) – Another royal dramatization built more of fiction tinged with history rather than the other way around. Prince Albert was not shot in an act of chivalry, for example. Nothing really compelling in the film, but it was interesting and watchable.

    I think I’d re-watch Helen Mirren’s THE QUEEN to complete a trilogy of royal films


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