• Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, The Rite (50/29)

    by  • 1/29/2011 • film • 0 Comments

    HAROLD & KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY (Netflix) – I really only watched this to see Neil Patrick Harris. I think it would have been better if they’d have given their audience more credit than to add foley fart sounds all over the place. Neil Patrick Harris and the George W Bush impersonator were worth seeing, though.

    THE RITE (Carlton) – I found this film rather boring; lacking in any real chemistry between any of the characters. There was less connection between the characters, and I was less interested in any of them than I saw in THE TOURIST. Roger Ebert seems to have liked this enough to give it three stars, but I guess I should have checked Rotten Tomatoes too… 17%… approaching LITTLE FOCKERS territory over there. I’d have guessed it would have been a BIT higher than that.


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