• Les Amours Imaginaires, I Am Comic (46/26)

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    LES AMOURS IMAGINAIRES (TIFF Lightbox) – I know that the name of the film translates as “HEARTBEATS” … but I think that THE IMAGINARY LOVES would be more appropriate. Really funny, brilliant acting. Watching a straight woman and a gay man compete for the affections of a man of unknown sexuality… cringe worthy, charming, funny, and awkward.

    Also features Dalida’s Italian version of BANG, BANG…

    I AM COMIC (Netflix) – Documentary by Jordan Brady, following retired comic Ritch Shydner who gets on stage again after years without performing. Not a comedy, per se, but they talk to comedians about the serious business of comedy. I liked that they talked to Carlos Mencia about joke theft, and his response was basically “HELL YEAH I STEAL JOKES.” Shydner calls Garry Shandling and a number of other comics. He gets ahold of Shandling…

    “Garry – It’s Ritch Shydner. Remember me? Comic from the 80’s? Yeah, but I’m also doing some other things right now, and I… uh… didn’t know what your situation is for life insurance…”

    Brilliant guy.


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