• In Bruges, Wendy and Lucy, Rabbit Hole, Mine (40/22)

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    IN BRUGES (Netflix) – An Irish Greek Tragedy set in Belgium. Colin Ferrell was the fucking new guy in the assassination game, and he screwed up. Badly. Now he’s hiding out in Bruges, Belgium, in what he sees as Purgatory. Things go badly. A fantastic film. Thank you, Netflix automated suggestion.

    WENDY AND LUCY (iTunes) – This is why we don’t tie our dog up outside… and not because I shoplift dogfood. The scene where they’re taking Wendy away in the back of the police car, with Lucy still tied up, watching the front door for her owner to return is horrible. The movie ends on such a point of despair and loneliness…

    RABBIT HOLE (Carlton) – I’d swear Nicole Kidman was actually related to Dianne Wiest; such similar faces and mannerisms. I’m glad that the film makers didn’t give in to the melodrama, and start off with the accident. It’s a solid movie, well acted, interesting, but I think it might be a bit over-rated.

    MINE (Netflix) – Documentary about the pets affected by Hurricane Katrina; focusing on a handful of specific cases. Well done film, but the subject matter is difficult to watch at times.


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