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    2011 Movies – The Full List

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    This is the full list of films that I’ve watched in 2011; in theatres and at home. I’ll continue to edit this post and link to Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB as the list grows. 127 HOURS (C) 1900 (L) 1984 (N) 9 (I) ALPHAVILLE (D) AMORE E RABBIA (L) (Only Bertolucci’s AGONY) LES AMOURS IMAGINAIRES […]

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    In Bruges, Wendy and Lucy, Rabbit Hole, Mine (40/22)

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    IN BRUGES (Netflix) – An Irish Greek Tragedy set in Belgium. Colin Ferrell was the fucking new guy in the assassination game, and he screwed up. Badly. Now he’s hiding out in Bruges, Belgium, in what he sees as Purgatory. Things go badly. A fantastic film. Thank you, Netflix automated suggestion. WENDY AND LUCY (iTunes) […]

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