• Frozen River, Green Hornet, 1984 (30/16)

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    FROZEN RIVER (Netflix) – Nice call, Ben. LONDON RIVER and FROZEN RIVER do fit together nicely in style; though one definitely ends on a happier not than the other. Both films avoid casting judgements on the people and situations – these aren’t films about politics. No heavy-handed morals or messages; just sadness and hope.

    GREEN HORNET (Carlton Cinema) – While watching this, I thought it would be better if there weren’t so many lines written for (or ad-libbed by) actor Seth Rogen more than for character Britt Reid. Why would they cast Rogen for this? Watching the credits, I found the answer; Seth co-wrote and produced this film.

    That said, it’s okay. It’s entertaining enough, even if the extended Kato/Reid fight scene reminded me of the alley fight scene in THEY LIVE.

    If anyone can tell me why Cameron Diaz was in this film, I’d be grateful. Diaz brings nothing interesting to the role. There’s barely a role there for her; her character is hardly in the script, and is provided with no reason to be there. Maybe Rogen only knows how to write frat-boy lines for himself?

    I think Ebert summed up my feelings on that “Seth Rogen deserves much of the blame. He co-wrote the screenplay, giving himself way too many words, and then hurls them tirelessly at us at a modified shout.”

    1984 (Netflix) – I think that the novel is absolutely required reading in order to comprehend this. Without knowing more of the story behind New Speak and INGSOC, it feels like watching Fox News. I’ve read Yevgeny Zamyatin’s WE, but I suppose I need to read Orwell’s own take on dystopia as well for completeness.


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