• Red Without Blue, Fellowship of The Ring, Apocalypse Now Redux (19/9)

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    RED WITHOUT BLUE (iTunes) – Alex and Mark were Identical Twins, now they’re a bit less identical. Each twin was given a colour as a baby to help distinguish the kids and their possessions from one another. Growing up in Montana, born into a family of Christian Scientists, one of the twins comes out in seventh grade, and both of them deal with the abuse from classmates and teachers. Sexual abuse, drug use and a suicide attempt follow over the years.

    The twins’ Mom talks briefly about her female friend that she’s lived with since her divorce – ‘we sleep in the same bed, we’re very close, but we’re not gay.’ Right. Nothing gay here. Heterosexual same-sex life partners.

    FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (DVD) – I bought the set of extended DVDs shortly after they were released, and haven’t been able to sit down and watch them. Nearly 3.5 hours long, and it’s only the first chunk of the trilogy. It’s been so long since the first film was originally in theatres that I have no idea what content is original and which added for the DVDs.

    APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX (TIFF Lightbox) – Holy long films; nearly 3.5 hours more of film today. Whole chunks of this film that I don’t remember. I’ve seen Redux on DVD, but seem to have remembered little of it. Forgot about Harrison Ford and Lawrence Fishburn being in the film too.


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