• Chinatown (16/8)

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    CHINATOWN (TIFF) – Maybe not noir to purists, but noir enough for me. It was nice to see Jack Nicholson restrained but not comatose; I haven’t seen this Jack in years. I like this switch to TIFF for a while – I’m seeing a couple classic movies that I haven’t seen before. The exception is tomorrow’s Apocalypse Now Redux, though I’ve only seen it on DVD.

    Evelyn Mulwray: What were you doing there?
    Jake Gittes: Working for the District Attorney.
    Evelyn Mulwray: Doing what?
    Jake Gittes: As little as possible.
    Evelyn Mulwray: The District Attorney gives his men advice like that?
    Jake Gittes: They do in Chinatown.


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