• Love and Other Drugs (13/6)

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    LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS (Carlton) – I hadn’t really considered this film, partly because it sounded like just another mindless Romantic Comedy that should star Jennifer Aniston. I looked at Rotten Tomatoes and wasn’t seeing much good news there, either. It almost felt that they were complaining that it wasn’t more preachy on the evils of medicine and Big Pharma.

    I checked out Roget Ebert’s review and decided I should give it the benefit of the doubt. He didn’t give it a really good review, and I’m not sure what about it convinced me, but it gave me the impression that there was something more to be had from this film than just a Rom-Com, an It’s a drama about life, and sometimes life is funny or absurd, and that’s all there. I quite liked it.

    Love And Other Drugs


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