• The Tourist (12/5)

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    Okay, a bit of playing with next week’s TIFF Lightbox schedule, and I have A Plan. Actually, I have both A Plan and a TIFF Lightbox membership.

    What I was calling tagging as CarltonMovieMonth on Twitter is going to become just MovieMonth. I’d call it MovieMonthMostlyAtCarltonButAtLightboxOrSomethingPendingShittyMoviesScheduledAtCarlton but that would really cut in to the length of tweets I could send.

    Fri Jan 7 – CASABLANCA (Curtiz) or PERSONA (Bergman)
    Sat Jan 8 – CHINATOWN (Polanski)
    Sun Jan 9 – APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX (Coppola)
    Mon Jan 10 – MONSIEUR VERDOUX (Chaplin)
    Tue Jan 11 – ENTER THE VOID (No)
    Wed Jan 12 – FILM SOCIALISME (Goddard)
    Thu Jan 13 – LA COMMARE SECCA (Bertolucci)
    Fri Jan 14 – PRIMA DELLA REVOLUZIONE (Bertolucci)
    Sat Jan 15 – LAST TANGO IN PARIS (Bertolucci)
    Sun Jan 16 – LAST EMPEROR (Bertolucci)

    THE TOURIST (Carlton) – I was prepared for it to be the worst movie ever, but went anyway. It’s hardly the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it could have been much better. Superfluous action shots of Captain Jack… er… Johnny Depp running across a rooftop in Venice like a drunken pirate. The SURPRISE TWIST ENDING that reveals who Alexander is… is no surprise nor a twist if you’re the sort of person that doesn’t need help reciting the alphabet. I think that the movie could have been saved by a good director and director of photography. There were a number of strange cuts and shot choices, and a couple continuity issues with handcuffs, but overall, not the worst movie ever.


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