• Health Ranger and Psychic Mike Adams’ 2011 Predictions

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    Mike Adams has released his Amazing Predictions for 2011-2012 (and so on)

    Very generic predictions like “More people growing their own food” and “Increased awareness of natural remedies and health freedom” so that he can point back at them a year later and claim them as hits if only one more person can be shown to be doing either. His third super-general prediction shows that he knows we’re in the Matrix, dude… “More people waking up to reality.” He continues on “people will come to understand that their lives are mere illusion” and how “they’ve been following programming set out for them by others”

    My predictions for 2011? Someone will finally realize that Mike Adams is a danger to himself and others and get him admitted to a nice, quiet psychiatric hospital with organic restraints and plenty of homeopathic Thorazine.

    Specific upcoming victories in the world of natural health

    1. The People will achieve significant victories over GMOs
    2. FDA forced to admit “mercury fillings” dangerous
    3. Next big battle over water fluoridation
    4. Surge of interest in Libertarian political philosophy
    5. “Tenth Amendment movement”

    Mike Adams must think he’s the only one able to channel “The Internet” if he can call some of these predictions. #1 is too general of a statement to be anything but a success at the end of the year when Mike looks back. #2? Well, there’s a story from Reuters in early December 2010 with the FDA asking for input on amalgam fillings, which I’m sure is an admission as far as Mike is concerned.

    The next big battle is over fluoridation? Welcome to 1965. It’s like you’re not even trying, Mike. What about electromagnetic hypersensitivity and wi-fi induced illness, Mike? Isn’t that what all the anti-fluoridation types have moved on to by now? Looking forward to your mini-documentary (aka Youtube rant?) on the issue to set us all straight.

    Numbers 4 and 5 are basically the same point. You need an editor, Mike. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – basically the central idea of Libertarianism. Well, that and the idea of “Fuck you, I got mine.”

    Specific short-term predictions

    1. Big Government war on internet freedom
    2. By end of 2012, “significant” food supply disruptions in North America
    3. food prices climb with alarming speed over the next two years
    4. Oil prices will also trend sharply upwards over the next two years.
    5. By late 2012, the economic downfall of the United States will have accelerated

    He starts off well enough, pointing out that the Net Neutrality and Wikileaks issues can be a big problem. Well, he means that he doesn’t want to be told he can’t sell his expensive unproven remedies on the Internet, but he phrases it as if he cares about protecting the views of everyone.

    Mike goes on to show that he almost understands what inflation is, and that prices for things go up. He’s taking a view of the next two years and predicting that prices will go up and the US dollar will go down. Talk about betting on the obvious horse in the race.

    Long-term predictions

    1. Over the next decade, I predict a disappearing “health middle class” and a great divide between the healthy and the sick. The healthy, you see, are consuming superfoods, getting sunshine on their skin and taking nutritional supplements on a daily basis. The unhealthy are eating processed foods, taking prescription medications and following the advice of their ignorant doctors even if it kills them.
    2. By 2025, the FDA as we know it today will be ancient history, and a new era of food freedom and health freedom will have swept across the former United States of America.
    3. By 2030, it will become obvious that all those people treated with vaccines, chemotherapy, pharmaceuticals and conventional medical procedures are largely infertile and dying from degenerative disease.

    The Health Ranger (I picture him wearing a bath towel cape and a tinfoil covered bike helmet, standing on the roof of the house with that name). I really have nothing to add on these last three; I think they speak for themselves.

    He claims a lot of successes on his past predictions, but doesn’t link to those predictions. Mike learn these techniques from Sylvia Browne? Last year he also predicted new evidence would link vaccines and neurological disorders, that the US power grid would suffer catastrophic failure, a massive satellite breakdown, deadly superbug mutations running wild, vaccines for smoking and alcoholism, terrorist attacks on US water supply and “another” 9/11 false flag incident.

    I love the text of his prediction for the water supply one.

    #34 – Terrorist strike on the U.S. water supply (The text of this prediction has been removed, as I don’t want to be blamed for giving terrorists any specific ideas. In no way do I wish for any terrorist attacks on anyone. But I should note that terrorists are pretty clever and they have ways to come up with their own ideas.)

    He never published any text in #34 as far as I can tell. A lot of kooks and link spam sites grabbed the article shortly after he published it on his own pages, and they all have the “text removed” version. Basically he couldn’t think up how this could be done, but he saw it in a movie once… way to phone it in, Health Ranger!

    Also, check his claimed “79% accuracy rate” from his 2009 predictions.


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