• Back to the Future II, Inside Job, The Girl Who Played with Fire (7/2)

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    Only the second day, and the ticket taker greeted me with “Hi there – back for more?” Oh, just wait.

    BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 (DVD) – The difference in Fox’s acting quality between 1 and 2 seems obvious. It’s like he’s practiced looking surprised since the first film, and he’s not hamming it up nearly as much.

    INSIDE JOB (Carlton) – I knew a lot about the general sub-prime, CDO, CDS thing going in, but not how small and dirty the circle of players really was. Some heavy-handed film making here, asking leading questions of interviewers, and cutting before the answer. A bit of a sledgehammer at the end that I felt was a bit over the top, but a pretty solid film. A half-full theatre, which is pretty surprising, given it’s been playing for a couple weeks now. I think that the other doc playing the Carlton will be a good followup… CLIENT 9: THE RISE AND FALL OF ELLIOT SPITZER.

    THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE (iTunes) – I plan on seeing Hornet’s Nest this week, so this was a requirement. I’d spoiled myself some time ago reading a review that setup the beginning of the third film, so wanted to make sure I didn’t just jump in to the final chunk of the story. Standard middle chapter; development of the story, but no real resolution. Some things that you thought were resolved in the time before the first film pop up, and THOSE items get ironed out, but the story is still largely in play.


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