• Deepak Chopra – Kicked out of the ROM, Sneaks into the AGO

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    I’m really disgusted that this charlatan, Deepak Choprah, is being flogged by the Art Gallery of Ontario’s gift shop. We just got back from the AGO, and I’m trying to not sound like a complete loon when I submit my criticism to the gallery. Feel free to contact them as well.

    I’m nearing the end of my first year of membership with the AGO. I’m member #XXXXXX, and will be considering renewal in the spring.

    We’ve just returned home from a spectacularly packed Maharaja exhibit, and have made a point that we will have to return to spend more time with that one before it leaves. We were poking around in the gift shop at the end of our visit

    I was disappointed to see a pair of Deepak Chopra DVDs featured prominently along with other India-themed books.

    There are surely better media products that could be offered that would reflect the wealth of art and history India has to offer than that of a self-help guru who is known for making up his philosophy out of whole cloth. What he is doing is hardly art, reflects badly on all involved, and can do harm.

    If there was a special exhibit on Italian Renaissance sculptors, would the gift shop feature the Italian American films of Sylvester Stallone and books about Mafia families?

    Please, reconsider stocking products from Chopra.

    * http://www.skepdic.com/chopra.html
    * ROM hosting Chopra

    I anticipate your response.


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