• The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Made in Dagenham, Moon, Back to the Future (4/1)

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    This year kicks off with us living in a new apartment above multi-screen Carlton Cinema. I’d hate to have this recently restored cinema going to waste, so I’ve resolved (ugh) to attend a film at Carlton each and every day through the month of January.

    This is going to turn difficult if movies like YOGI BEAR and BURLESQUE stay in residence for any length of time. There are only 9 screens, and only so many films, so I may end up seeing some of the films that I wouldn’t normally see. I’m going to start with Rotten Tomatoes to steer me toward the better films first, and go from there. Hopefully BLACK SWAN and RABBIT HOLE and the other films on the Coming Soon list will bump the schlock out of the way, but I fear I may have to see ‘Yogi Bear’ in the near future, or see something twice.

    As I’m deciding to run this personal film festival, iTunes rolls out a $4.99 movie sale.


    Oh look, the first film in the Millennium series is on sale for $4.99. Maybe I can watch THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE before the run of THE GIRL WHO KICKED THE HORNET’S NEST leaves the Carlton. Oh, and there’s THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD and EASIER WITH PRACTICE and MAN PUSH CAR and 9 and all these other movies that I’ve meant to see in the past 4 years… $50 later in iTunes, and I have a whole other programming track in my film festival rented or purchased.

    How is LOOSE CHANGE in the iTunes store? Seriously… if there was a conspiracy, couldn’t they do something about those kooks already?

    In an effort to keep everything straight, I’m dusting off the blog, and will be documenting all the movies I’m watching this month; rented, bought, new, old, in theatre, or at home. I may or may not be rating or reviewing the films themselves, but will try to write a sentence or two on each.

    Watched today;

    THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (in Swedish) (iTunes) – I guess I expected this to be bad based entirely on how popular the books and movies were here in North America. Foreign films that make it here seem to be some of the most mundane or slapstick films. Good film; downloading the followup now. I might get to see Hornet’s Nest in the theatre at this rate.

    MADE IN DAGENHAM (Carlton Cinema) – Dramatization of a labour dispute in the UK, where unionized women fight not only their employer, but their own union for recognition. Strong film with some solid characters and fantastic performances. Bob Hoskins turns in a nicely understated performance.

    MOON (iTunes) – Picked this one up ages ago, and only now got around to watching it. Turns out there might be something worse that going insane on a moon base.

    BACK TO THE FUTURE – I’m not sure it it’s the Marty McFly character, the directing, or that Michael J Fox was mostly a one-note actor well before Keanu Reeves made it cool. Oh, and could Fox look MORE out of place than he does on a skateboard? Still, fun movie.


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