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    The Agony and Ecstasy of Phil Spector (54/31)

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    THE AGONY AND ECSTASY OF PHIL SPECTOR (TIFF Lightbox) – Interesting, if a bit confusing format. Plenty of video from the original court case, but typically with Spector-produced songs playing over the audio, sometimes with sub-titled commentary on the songs as well. Good documentary, with lots of interview footage shot for the film. I’d say […]

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    I so rarely buy DVDs and CDs

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    I’ve taken to buying and renting movies mostly online through Netflix and iTunes, but I made a quick stop at HMV on the way back from today’s film. A couple Canadian films that I’ve meant to see, and two wild cards. MONKEY WARFARE POLYTECHNIQUE WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE YO-YO GIRL COP Thanks to Bell’s […]

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    Dogtooth (48/28)

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    DOGTOOTH (Royal Theatre) – This movie features tributes to RAMBO, JAWS, [something], and FLASHDANCE… possibly a couple more. Harsh brutality, with an apparent sociopath subjects his family to long-term torture. There are glimpses into the parents where you almost believe that they love their kids so much, but then the girl has to fetch the […]

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    Trigger (47/27)

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    TRIGGER (TIFF Lightbox) – Fantastic film. The producers spoke on a casting panel a couple days prior to this saying that the original script had been written for male characters, and it took little more than character name changes and a couple gender pronouns. As a result, at times through the film, I was picturing […]

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    Les Amours Imaginaires, I Am Comic (46/26)

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    LES AMOURS IMAGINAIRES (TIFF Lightbox) – I know that the name of the film translates as “HEARTBEATS” … but I think that THE IMAGINARY LOVES would be more appropriate. Really funny, brilliant acting. Watching a straight woman and a gay man compete for the affections of a man of unknown sexuality… cringe worthy, charming, funny, […]

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    Trois Temp Apres la Mort d’Anna (44/25)

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    TROIS TEMP APRES LA MORT D’ANNA (TIFF Lightbox) – Anna dies, and this shows her mother, mourning for Anna. I wished the murderer had taken me instead. Watching a woman grieve in near-solitude in the woods for 90 minutes? Staring into the camera… staring to the left… curled in a ball crying… It was very […]

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    Modra, Last Night Home (43/24)

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    MODRA (TIFF Lightbox) – This is a really nice feature, directed by Ingrid Veninger (Candy from PHIL THE ALIEN, among other credits… I swear, I’m the only person who enjoyed PHIL THE ALIEN, so that credit’s the highlight of her huge list of IMDB entries). It stars her extended family, a Canadian teenage boy, and […]

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    Attenberg (41/23)

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    ATTENBERG (Royal) – Greek film featuring a series of relationships that an unusual woman named Marina has in a small factory town. Her dying father, a mostly anonymous factory worker, and her… friend… Bella. I went for the silly walks, and they delivered on more than just the silly.

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