• Toronto SkeptiCamp Speaker Lineup

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    We’ve looked at the facilities, and it looks like a good choice; nice big room with A/V, wifi, and plenty of seating. On October 23, 2010, we’ll be meeting in CFI’s space at 216 Beverly Street in Toronto, just off of College. Start time and schedule will follow soon.

    Thanks to Pam and Justin at CFI for the help with the room.

    We have 21 total attendees so far, 10 of which have ticked “YES” to giving a presentation. I’ve mentioned on the wiki that any further presenters are welcome to signup and be queued up for the NEXT Skepticamp, as we’re not likely to have any time for anyone else at this point.

    Planned presentations for October 23, 2010, by presenter name;

    1. Erik Davis – Cognitive Underpinnings of Sympathetic Magic
    2. Behzad Elahi – How to make sense of medical literature / levels of evidence / Clinical trials
    3. Scott Gavura – Undecided – Health product licensing, Homeopathy, etc
    4. Michael Kruse – Naturopathy
    5. Michael MacMay – Libel Law, Skeptics, and the Internet: A Primer
    6. Karl Mamer – Conspiracy theories
    7. Iain Martel – Philosophy of Science and Pseudoscience (or Why Skeptics Should Stop Talking about Falsifiability)
    8. Jeff Orchard – It’s not enough to just be right Can we overcome the irrational pitfalls of human psychology? Maybe, maybe not. I say, If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.
    9. Steve Thoms – Politics, Policy, Skeptical Activism
    10. Justin Trottier – Critical Thinking in High Schools

    We can accomodate a fair number of attendees yet; signup at http://bit.ly/TOattend


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