• Must be your lucky day!

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    On my way over to the Design Exchange for the press photo opp today, I noticed that there was a Toronto a la Cart vendor on the corner of King & Bay. They were tucked around the corner on Bay far enough that I never saw them when I’d go in to work.

    I made a note that lunch would consist of jerk chicken, and headed off to meet with the Air Canada, Design Exchange, the Jewish Tribune, and a handful of others, and find out all the details of what exactly I’d won.

    On my way back, I was chatting with the very friendly staff selling the Carribbean food, and said how I hadn’t seen them before, that I knew they’d been in another location. I told her that I’d only chanced on it because I had to attend a meeting on Bay. She said “Well, it must be your lucky day!”

    Yes. In so many ways.

    I was talking to some people at the DX after the presentation, and we were talking about how I reacted when I heard that I’d won. Jerry from the Israel Government Tourist Office was describing how I didn’t remember entering. His co-worker described a story where one person entered an aunt’s name and she won, not knowing she’d been entered at all, and she refused to open the door when they showed up to give her a big surprise.

    Also, it sounds like Air Canada may be able to work with us on setting up an itinerary through Europe, so we might be able to do Toronto -> Israel -> Netherlands if we play our cards right. They sound really open to anything they can do to actually make this happen.

    Trip and surprise jerk chicken roti. Good day so far.


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