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    Sent the following followup email to the Toronto Transit Commission after hearing nothing for nearly two weeks on a report that I filed early this year. They have you fill out a web form, and list explicit instructions to send an email to followup@ttc.ca if you don’t hear back. I wonder how frequently anyone hears back.

    The other email addresses were contact addresses for Torontoist and Spacing Toronto, and emails for Adam Giambrone I was going to CC BlogTO as well, having written for BeyondRobson ages ago, but I couldn’t quickly find a general contact address.

    I submitted a complaint to the TTC, on the web site on January 4th, and haven’t heard anything back yet. Today, I found that nothing has changed, and took some more pictures of the incident.

    I’m CCing the city’s bylaw office at the email address listed on http://www.toronto.ca/transportation/onstreet/idling.htm as well as a couple Toronto blogs that I read regularly, in hopes of seeing a response from someone on this issue.

    At Wellesley station, there’s often a white TTC van idling away in the bus loop for long periods of time, while a TTC employee sleeps inside. Before even considering the 3 Minute Idle Bylaw here in Toronto, the entire station and the loop stink of exhaust and can’t be good for anyone visiting or working there.

    Jan 4:

    Van 528


    Jan 15:

    Van 515

    5:11pm – http://mypict.me/2UHcn (nodding off while the engine purrs away)
    5:16pm – http://mypict.me/2UHnh (sound asleep, engine still running)
    5:19pm – http://mypict.me/2UHvd (still sleeping, engine still running)
    5:25pm – http://mypict.me/2UHM2 (4+ buses have passed, not even a twitch)
    5:32pm – wakes up, shuts off engine, gets out, and heads back into the station.

    I’ll bring my real camera with me for the next couple weeks, rather than relying on my Blackberry’s poor image quality.

    Richard Murray

    I don’t care if the TTC pays workers to sleep, or if he’s sleeping on his own time on his break. I care that the engine is running constantly on this vehicle that does not have an exemption written into the bylaw like the TTC’s buses do. Is this the only break room that these guys get? Then get them an electric heater if they want to sit out there and nod off for 20+ minutes at a time; running the engine that whole time stinks; in more ways than one.


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