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    I was reading Amanda Palmer’s blog entry about what she calls virtual crowd surfing or what others have called crowd-sourcing. I followed Kim’s link to her project, and then looked around for other interesting projects.

    Impossible Girl: Solo Record Project by Kim Boekbinder (of Vermillion Lies)

    This is the project that I went to today to add my support to. This is a biggie. Kim Boekbinder from Vermillion Lies wants to record a solo album, and figures she needs about $20,000 to do so. She has a deadline of December 1, 2009, and she’s only 6% of the way to her goal.

    I’ve thrown $25 for the downloadable and the signed CD shipped internationally ($20 for the same thing to the US). $50 gets a mystery package from Kim, $200 gets a song written for you, but $10,000 gets you an adventure in Berlin with Kim and other Berlin characters. Not sure if the Berlin adventure covers food, lodging, or travel, but it would be a super deal if it were.

    Release Sxip Shirey’s SONIC NEW YORK

    The sub-title “15 Punk Rockers Pounding a Piano Into Junk” is what really attracted me to this one, and made it the first project I joined on kickstarter. Listening to samples on his site, and on youtube convinced me that there’s a good chance of something interesting to come out of this one. 73% funded, it still needs $1328 in the next month and a half to go ahead.

    For $16 you get the CD produced in this project, for $65 you can get all 3 of Sxip’s CDs, a bonus live mp3 download, a 7″ and a book of poetry. $400 gets you a very very special hat, and $3000 gets you a pie (among other things).

    Some other projects I’ve seen that were interesting, or that have closed;

    Make a New CD with The Quiet!

    “The Quiet is a dynamic, original five-piece piano-pop band that draws comparisons to Ben Folds, Barenaked Ladies, and Elton John. With a solid, growing fan base responding to their diverse sound and high-energy live show, The Quiet regularly plays the Troubadour and has a monthly slot at Hollywood’s trend-setting Hotel Café.”

    All kinds of options including $10 for a downloadable version of the album and $300 to have them record a cover of your choice, and you get a package of stalker-quality bits from the band. You can even buy publishing rights for a song at the right price.

    a New Album from Ethan Lipton & his Orchestra

    “Dubbed the “Best Lounge Act of 2009” by New York Magazine, Ethan Lipton and his Orchestra play a brand of jazz folk country lounge that’s drawn comparisons to the music of Randy Newman, Leon Redbone and Tom Waits.”

    Pledge $15 to get the CD and credit as a “micro-producer” or bump up to $50 to get an autographed CD, a credit on the album, and a brownie made by the band (with or without nuts – your call)

    Find homes for Absolutely Kosher CDs

    “Absolutely Kosher is an independent label established in 1998 in the San Francisco Bay Area of California by Cory Brown. We release hella great music”

    I’ve seen a couple of these warehouse-clearing projects on Kickstarter, and they offer some great deals. I can’t buy into this project, but $350 for Absolutely Kosher’s entire catalog is a bargain, even if I were to add the $120 for international shipping.

    Gordon Withers – Pre-Order The New Solo Cello Album

    “Gordon Withers is a rock cellist living and performing in the DC area. He studied classical cello at Brandeis University under Rhonda Rider. From 1997-2000 he played with the Boston band Betwixt. In 2007 he recorded Jawbox on Cello: A Benefit For Cal Robbins, an album of 12 Jawbox songs arranged for cello ensemble.”

    Didn’t click until after I’d signed up to fund this project that I actually knew this person via livejournal as trisloth. I really need to read livejournal once in a while; I nearly missed this one. This project ended shortly after I got in on it; had less than an hour to go.


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