• Happy Blasphemy Day!

    by  • 9/29/2009 • religion • 0 Comments

    It’s Blasphemy Day Eve, and I can hardly wait…

    Christianity; I deny the existence of the Holy Spirit and deny Jesus Christ existed, let alone was the earthly son of a further non-existent god.

    Islam can have one mocking depiction of The Prophet from the Danish cartoons;

    Judaism, if it even had a concept of blasphemy… I’m going to break at least a couple laws tomorrow; I will build and worship a small idol out of common office supplies, wear cotton and linen, and have a bacon cheese burger for lunch.

    Not sure what else I wil do to cross-train my blasphemy; maybe get in a fight for Buddhism, donate blood for the Christian Scientists, and maybe take some anti-psychotic drugs for the Church of Scientology.


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