• Fan funded art

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    I’ve kicked in for a number of projects where I didn’t know what was going to come out at the end of the deal; knowing only the smallest bit about the artist, and trusting testimonials and sounds-like anecdotes, and the like. Sxip is the latest one that I’m kicking in a couple bucks for. While the idea of an artist baking me pie was appealing, $3000 was a bit steep for a couple slices of a likely quite bad pie. The $100 level was also tempting… I mean, who can’t use a very very special custom made hat? I just can’t be certain that I’ll be able to attend a show in NYC on any specific schedule.

    Check out some of the audio and video on Sxip’s site and decide if you want to help an artist make a CD; for altruistic reasons, or because you can get a hat or pie or something else.

    …or both


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