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    Sent the following to the old rental agents at the old CAPREIT building in Halifax.

    I moved out of suite 2101 in Park Victoria in mid-July, 2009. I provided the person doing the move-out inspection with our new address as part of the process, which he wrote on the inspection report.

    It’s been well more than the 10 days to return the security deposit or to otherwise notify us of a claim, and we’ve received no contact. Our mail has even been forwarded, so any communication sent via Canada Post to the suite in my name would be forwarded.

    Please advise on what is delaying this.


    This is just an informal inquiry letter – they claim to get back to people inside of two business days. We’ll see if I hear anything by this time Friday. I read the tenancy act in Nova Scotia, and it’s one of the few things in that province that has a decent amount of power in the hands of the tenant. No application to keep the deposit for good reason, and no attempt to contact me in 10 days after tenancy end should mean I see it all come back to me.


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