• Weird spam comment

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    I had a comment on a post called Money money money that looks like crazy person spam. There’s no functioning link to a product, and the email address was bogus too.

    It’s classic Crazy Person, so I couldn’t just delete it, so it gets its very own post for you to enjoy while I go enjoy Taylor Martinson’s china passport and money. Whoo!

    Submitted on 2009/07/07 at 4:23am
    my name is martin taylor is me doing program in china and i win world market shanghai china in fact am not happy about cctv you people calling my name every day and every time i need my money or my china passport and my America passport you people enjoy my money in beijing but am not enjoy am sufer in side room doing program i never see any payment money only i hear about billions of dollors and billions of yuan i never see any $1 why people walked me martin handle global net work is me handle world ecomoic so is me world health and world wide watch like me hurry every day why infact only God can george now check this no money to pay my house rent no money to buy food infact i need my market document undersand me i need my payment in guangzhou i need cerdit card information


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