• TIFF’s website could use some work

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    I’m looking at the TIFF web site, thinking that I might just do a two week long evening package at the VISA screening room – let them pick the movies that I see. I like the option that TIFF has to let you just pick a program and trust the festival programmers to get you some interesting films to see. The trouble is that I can’t figure out what these films ARE in most of the packages; would the pack at the start of the festival be more to my liking than the one in the middle or at the end?

    I’m thinking of an evening pass for the VISA Screening room on the weekend of the 11th, based on my schedule, and price… but can’t for the life of me find a decent schedule of what’s playing there using their web site. Do I have to go there in person and buy the paper guide for $30 in order to know what I’m getting, or do I just risk it?

    TIFF has a pretty horrible online presence; they could learn a lot by visiting VIFF’s site and maybe hiring some web programmers.

    I think that next year I’ll bump up to the Obsessive Compulsive Festival Package for nearly $600 the Somewhat OCD Package for $400, or maybe I’ll be able to swing a media pass by then. The media pass in Vancouver was great for completely overwhelming your system. Might have to use the last of my year’s vacation in 2010 for TIFF; that or fly out for VIFF where you can sort films by program, by theatre, by time, etc.

    Edit: Okay, they could have made it a little clearer that the schedule doesn’t go live until August 25th, I found this fact eventually somewhere on the site after enough random clicking. You’d think there’d be a mention on the SCHEDULE PAGE though…


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