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    I’ve been turning up direct flights from Toronto to Atlanta for about $750 per person, all taxes included. Flights that have a stop in Newark or Chicago drop a bit, settling in around $550 return per person.

    I had investigated the possibility of buying the ~US$550 Amtrak US pass and taking the train the whole way. Unfortunately, the little segment between Toronto and Buffalo isn’t included on that pass, so we’d have to book that separately. I checked on that price, and it runs $35 per person each way to go between Downtown Toronto and Buffalo, NY.

    Amtrak Toronto to Atlanta: US$550 + US$70 (~CA$662)
    Fly from Toronto with 1 stop: $550

    That’s close, though the train takes about two days on either end to get where you’re going. It’d be an interesting trip, relaxing, etc. Something to think about for later, anyhow.

    On a whim, I checked the prices of flights from Buffalo to Atlanta…

    Toronto to Buffalo on Amtrak: US$35
    Buffalo to Atlanta non-stop: CA$149

    Bonus to taking Amtrak in Toronto? Get to leave from downtown, so no airport shuttle to Pearson, saving $18 a head. Apparently the Amtrak station in Buffalo is about 2 miles from the airport, so a short cab ride would suffice there…

    2.5 hours on train, 2.5 hours on plane, 20 minutes on subway and MARTA. Not bad, especially coming in at right around $200 per person RETURN compared to $800 for a non-stop flight.


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