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    For the most part, Toronto’s people are outwardly polite. People bump into you on an overcrowded train, and they look you in the eye and say “Sorry” or some other expression of compassion for you having nearly spilled a sip of coffee.

    There are no signs warning transit users on streetcars or subway (I haven’t needed to get on an actual bus yet) that food, drink, or loud music are forbidden. The way I read the full-text subway rules that were posted on one car, you can even take animals on the trains, so long as it’s not during peak traffic hours.

    The train from Union Station north on the Yonge Line from 4:00-4:30pm is pleasant enough, with a good number of people standing, but mostly because they’re about to get off the train. You can still move around fairly easily. Unlike the trains from 4:30-5:30pm where it feels very Tokyo Style, without the helpful attendants. I was later coming in yesterday, and left later as well. Screw that; I’m starting work at 8:00-8:30am now and getting out of here around 4. If there’s more to do, I’ll take my laptop home.

    The Starbucks that’s right between my station and the office is very very busy, and they have about 8 people at the cash end of things; three on registers and the others fetching regular coffees, teas and food items. The prepared drinks side of things has about 4 or 5 more people making the Fancy Drinks. No shouting in this maelstrom; they have wireless headsets. I think each of the cashiers has a tray of pre-bagged pastries too in order to help speed things along; can’t tell. I blink and my coffee’s there, before I’ve hardly finished ordering. Coffee and a muffin easily $1.50 cheaper than it was in Halifax for the same basic item.

    There is a Winston Churchill statue here in town nearly identical to the one outside the Spring Garden library in Halifax. Should be good for some dog-scaring later this year, if we bring Sera downtown.

    The outdoor chess tables near our apartment aren’t used for chess as far as I can tell, but some older Vietnamese men play cards with stacks of $20 bills. I’ve seen chessboards in other areas downtown actually used for chess, though.

    Planning to attend Toronto’s Skeptics Canada The Apollo Moon “Hoax” – by David Bailey tonight. The CFI Ontario BBQ and Potluck this weekend might be interesting, but maybe next time. I see that CFI also hosts meetings for Secular Organizations for Sobriety in Toronto – surely a welcome alternative to the God-blaming addicts of AA and similar organizations.

    Also: Toronto eyes self-serve bike rental operation similar to Montreal’s


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