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    Research Findings on Toronto

    by  • 7/24/2009 • Toronto • 0 Comments

    For the most part, Toronto’s people are outwardly polite. People bump into you on an overcrowded train, and they look you in the eye and say “Sorry” or some other expression of compassion for you having nearly spilled a sip of coffee. There are no signs warning transit users on streetcars or subway (I haven’t […]

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    New Address in Toronto

    by  • 7/3/2009 • Toronto • 1 Comment

    It’s small, but it’s right downtown with an easy to remember address. It’s super cheap too, at $21 per month, though it’s going to be a bitch moving in, as it’s less than one cubic foot in size. We have a box setup at a downtown UPS Store / Mailboxes Etc. shop so that we […]

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