• Kijiji Beggars

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    This is supposed to be funny or cute? I’d rather drag the couch single-handed out into the back parking lot, pour a can of gas on it and light it up than give it away to some fuckwit.

    You’ve received the following reply to your “Big Burgundy Couch – Save $50 this weekend!” Ad on Kijiji:

    From: colleenlively@gmail.com
    hey i have no money where as i am moving tomorrow, and all my money is going towards a rental, but i’d love to take it off your hands for you tomorrow morning, if you’re willing to let it go for free. =D

    Seriously though, should nobody see the worth in a $200 couch, then I have already found a couple registered charities that accept furniture and office equipment as gifts in kind. I’d rather that the ALS Society or a Food and Furniture Bank receive this than some anonymous kijiji beggar. I responded to say simply “If it goes for free, it will go to a worthwhile cause.”

    I thought that would be the end of it, but in return I get a sob story.

    A girl who has had a difficult life and is trying to get it better, and it seems like one thing after another keeps going wrong, like for example every truck available is rented out for this weekend so I have to get a Suv, and just one thing after another, I’ve lived in a horrid place all year and finally I’m getting out with a friend to a 2 bedroom apartment, and we’ve got nothing. No bed, no furniture, nothing, and I am trying. I’d love to have a couch so i can sit and read rather then sit on a floor it’d be something amazing and great and a dream come true. I am a good cause, I am an awesome, nice, sweet girl who is just trying to make life better. =D No matter what you choose, have a great life.

    Fuck off, this isn’t Freecycle.

    Besides, if all you can rent is an SUV, how would you propose that you move that couch to your new apartment? Life is hard!


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    1. 11/16/2009 at 5:27 pm

      Good lord, I’m seeing a lot of these lately. I’m cataloging/cataloguing some of the wackiest Kijiji-ness at http://www.yousuckatkijiji.com … would love to have your story up there.

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