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    I was looking at lastminutetravel.com and priceline.com and all the other cut-rate sites to find the cheapest place possible so that we could have a room for the weekend while we drive around looking for an apartment. Hopefully we’ll find a place with immediate availability so that we can sleep THERE on the night of the 12th (breath in… breathe out…) so that we don’t have to spend the rest of the month in hotel as well. There are some decent priced “holiday rentals” I’ve seen advertised for 5-700 per week, which would be a saving over the hotel.

    Due to some issues on this end, I’m not going to be able to pay upfront for the hotel, so Priceline, etc are out; I have to reserve with the hotel directly and pay when we get there. Downside is that it’s going to run me $30 a night more I really wanted to pay, but they have a pet package;

    Package Name: Purrrfect Place to Paws
    When travelling [sic] with your pet on this package we will donate $5.00CDN to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies. Rate includes a welcome amenity for your pet. All suites offer…

    I was half thinking of boarding the dog for a couple days when we got to Toronto to allow us to stay in a cheaper, pet-hating hotel or even a hostel. The Super 8 package above, however, comes out about the same as the total cost of both the cheap pre-pay pet-hater hotel and the doggy overnight camp. Rather than a hotel that not only grudgingly accepts pets up to 10 pounds, I can go with one that seems perfectly happy ENCOURAGING pets. Sure Super 8 doesn’t scream style and service, but it’s right on Chinatown and I’m perfectly happy staying there. Besides, we’ll be taking the dog with us to meet potential landlords.

    So, July 9-12, Toronto lodging secured.


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