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    While I was flagging a couple spam messages in my gmail account today, I happened to actually see part of the image as it was spamifying the message. However, I thought I saw something that couldn’t possibly be true, and I actually hit the UNDO button to bring the spam back to my inbox.

    Sure enough, I wasn’t losing my mind. This internet pharmacy was offering all the usual medications you’d expect, plus the ironically named erector Viagra Soft.

    Did anyone in marketing not pass that name past a focus group? Wonder what slogans were turned down for Viagra Soft.

    Now, watch the spam comment attempts on this post spike…


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    1. 7/23/2009 at 1:53 pm

      Richard. Now that you live in Toronto you can write plugs for all kinds of pharmaceuticals, including the kind that are sold down the street at Parliament and Gerrard. That would be very interesting actually…

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