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    Kijiji Beggars

    by  • 6/27/2009 • Halifax • 1 Comment

    This is supposed to be funny or cute? I’d rather drag the couch single-handed out into the back parking lot, pour a can of gas on it and light it up than give it away to some fuckwit. You’ve received the following reply to your “Big Burgundy Couch – Save $50 this weekend!” Ad on […]

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    New Robots on Etsy

    by  • 6/27/2009 • art • 0 Comments

    Putting up a couple of the robot images on Etsy, including one of my favorite “Friendly Monsters” coincidentally numbered 13. He’d be content to sit back, maybe watch a little Mork and Mindy on channel 57. Maybe kick back a cool Coors 16-ouncer. He’s good fine people, Stuart. Sure, he looks like a horrible flesh-rending […]

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    Heavy Metal Middle East

    by  • 6/25/2009 • music • 0 Comments

    Heavy Metal in Baghdad. I wasn’t sure about this film, especially with the Vice Magazine connection. I was a bit worried that this would be some sort of hipster bullshit ironic crap. I was pleasantly surprised by the film and the story it had to tell; metalheads are pretty much the same everywhere, but these […]

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    Toronto hotel booked

    by  • 6/23/2009 • Toronto • 0 Comments

    I was looking at lastminutetravel.com and priceline.com and all the other cut-rate sites to find the cheapest place possible so that we could have a room for the weekend while we drive around looking for an apartment. Hopefully we’ll find a place with immediate availability so that we can sleep THERE on the night of […]

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    Deleting spam

    by  • 6/21/2009 • spam • 1 Comment

    While I was flagging a couple spam messages in my gmail account today, I happened to actually see part of the image as it was spamifying the message. However, I thought I saw something that couldn’t possibly be true, and I actually hit the UNDO button to bring the spam back to my inbox. Sure […]

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    WordPress 2.8 upgrade

    by  • 6/18/2009 • geek • 0 Comments

    Well, I’ve spent all of fifteen minutes upgrading from 2.7x to 2.8 on the server, including time to upgrade a handful of plugins that I’ve been putting off. I like the new behind-the-scenes layout, though it’s a significant change that will take a bit of time to get used to. The plugin auto-upgrade feature is […]

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    Unique Hotel Amenities

    by  • 6/17/2009 • life • 3 Comments

    We’ll undoubtedly need to stay in a hotel for a couple nights in Toronto, so just looking for some good prices. I found this unusual list of amenities in one hotel… I don’t even find the bullet point for “Access” to be the most unusual on this list. Sure, it’s weird that you’d recieve a […]

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    Moving option

    by  • 6/11/2009 • Toronto • 1 Comment

    Well, looks like National car rentals will do one-way rentals from Halifax to Toronto. Trouble is, there’s nothing really moving-friendly in there, possibly by design. No Minivans or full sized SUVs. $200 for a week long car rental though is plenty to get the mammals to Toronto, without so many possessions. Maybe we’ll have to […]

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