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    What follows is a slightly edited version of the instructions I found linked off last.fm. The original panix.com page includes information on how he deciphered the direct links to the MP3 files on the NPR site. These MP3 files will likely go away in relatively short order, and they’re definitely better sounding than the ones I grabbed off the stream last night.

    I have no idea what the issue is with EMI, or if this is simply a novel marketing concept from Dangermouse and Lynch, but whatever it is, it seems to be working.

    Check out the NPR story which includes the streaming audio player

    Downloading mp3 files from NPR’s online stream of Danger Mouse And Sparklehorse’s ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’.

    If you found this page you probably already know that due to a dispute between Danger Mouse and EMI it would seem likely that ‘Dark Night Of The Soul’ will never be officially released. :-(

    However as you are also no doubt aware NPR currently have a stream of the entire album. This obviously got many people thinking (me included), if we could capture the stream we could download the album.

    Before I start I should preface by saying, yes this album has already shown up on various file sharing networks. However, it is not clear what the quality of this recording is. Also depending on your own
    country’s laws it ‘MAY’ (note I said ‘may’ …. in full caps no less) actually be legal to download a copy from the NPR stream (ask a local lawyer if you are not sure!).

    Here is the full list:

    1. Revenge (Flaming Lips)

    2. Just War (Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals)

    3. Jaykub (Jason Lytle)

    4. Little Girl (Julian Casablancas of The Strokes)

    5. Angel’s Harp (Frank Black of The Pixies)

    6. Pain (Iggy Pop)

    7. Star Eyes (I Can’t Catch It) (David Lynch)

    8. Everytime I’m With You (Jason Lytle)

    9. Insane Lullaby (James Mercer of The Shins)

    10. Daddy’s Gone (Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse and Nina Persson of The Cardigans)

    11. The Man Who Played God (Suzanne Vega)

    12. Grim Augury (Vic Chesnutt)

    13. Dark Night Of The Soul (David Lynch)

    After downloading the files you will need to tag them. I would suggest tagging them as per the names on the NPR site as this is the only official source. Most users up to now have downloaded from the various file sharing networks, which are tagged incorrectly, e.g. removing David Lynch’s credits.


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      We’ll see how long it stays up I guess. ;-) I have updated my page with more appropriate names based on the Wikipedia article (which I am currently cited on).

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