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    A Wild Pear In My Mailbox

    by  • 5/30/2009 • music • 0 Comments

    Colour me surprised to come home to a special package from the west coast today; the brand new, soon to be release 7″ split single from Nardwuar’s Evaporators and Andrew W.K. Andrew W.K. from the press release: “I’ve recorded my own cover versions of two classic Canadian punk tunes: The Leather Uppers Don’t Sell Hot […]

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    Downloading “Illegal” Music

    by  • 5/18/2009 • music • 1 Comment

    What follows is a slightly edited version of the instructions I found linked off last.fm. The original panix.com page includes information on how he deciphered the direct links to the MP3 files on the NPR site. These MP3 files will likely go away in relatively short order, and they’re definitely better sounding than the ones […]

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    Manual Recap

    by  • 5/17/2009 • geek • 0 Comments

    There are things that I say that I want to remember later, and Twitter is good for that. The trouble is that for me to get those couple gems, there’s mountains of slag left over. So, I don’t cross post my twitter posts to the bankrupt artist automatically – too many and too much out […]

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    Toronto opens its doors

    by  • 5/17/2009 • Toronto • 0 Comments

    Coincidentally, this next weekend where I’m supposed to be heading to the GTA, Toronto is also hosting an event called “Doors Open Toronto.” Basically, this is where there’s a co-ordinated Open House of sorts in the city, inviting people to drop by, in many cases for hosted tours of places that aren’t normally accessible to […]

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