• Workopolis Needs Work

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    I have a long disused workopolis account, last touched around 2001. I’ve been trying to get it updated for the last hour or so, and failing miserably.

    They pretty much insist that you use their amazing ResumeExpert system, which pulls the keywords out, and lets you pop up on employer and recruiter searches. I decide to give it a go, and upload my recently updated resume.

    Good fucking luck.

    I try uploading the new resume, and it spins and spins and spins, and then gives me an error that the file is too big. I check, and it’s 102KB. That’s too big? Do they specialize in resumes for people with teeny little one page resumes? I checked the page again for any warning about maximum size, and there’s nothing. What’s the max? Would I be okay with a file at 99KB?

    Okay, fine, I’ll just copy the text and submit it in the hand text box that’s meant to allow you to copy and paste your resume… Or, so you’d think…

    Hit the radio button for “Cut and paste your resume” and paste text in the box, and hit Next…

    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at PostResumeView.SaveValues()

    Oh yeah…

    Does anyone human even try these job sites before they roll them out? Try hiring a QA team and maybe a UI designer for a change, people.

    Oh look, now it’s logged me out. I wonder why I stopped using workopolis last time…


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