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    Workopolis Needs Work

    by  • 4/27/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    I have a long disused workopolis account, last touched around 2001. I’ve been trying to get it updated for the last hour or so, and failing miserably. They pretty much insist that you use their amazing ResumeExpert system, which pulls the keywords out, and lets you pop up on employer and recruiter searches. I decide […]

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    Fuck Ted Larsen

    by  • 4/18/2009 • politics • 5 Comments

    Today started out great; it’s not every day I get to harass a politician in person. Candidate for office Ted Larsen was walking the halls of our apartment building, sliding election propaganda under the doors of residents. There’s no election declared, but he’s out and about lying to people face to face for a change. […]

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    I wish they had made sequels

    by  • 4/8/2009 • humor, movies • 0 Comments

    Man, wouldn’t that have been great if they’d made Matrix II and maybe even Matrix III? Those would have really kicked some serious ass. If we really believe it, we can shape reality. There were no sequels. There were no sequels. There were no sequels… Full sized, readable version at http://xkcd.com/566/

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    Twtr sks Flttr nnblgng ftw

    by  • 4/5/2009 • humor • 0 Comments

    What really terrifies me is that this little mocumentary plays like half of the corporate video pitches I saw pre-dotcom-bust… Slate Magazine produced a mocumentrary about Flutter a new nanoblogging system that shortens everything to 26 characters, the length of the English alphabet. — as found at Laughing Squid

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    HR and Tech Managers need to speak to each other

    by  • 4/3/2009 • work • 0 Comments

    Two problems on this latest position I’m applying to would seem to indicate an apparent lack of care or attention to detail on behalf of the HR and recruiters. Advertising for skills that can’t exist unless you stretch the definitions… Unless there’s some new developments at Microsoft, they don’t make MS SQL for Linux. Build, […]

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